"All that crap I let you watch."

This morning, I was working on some materials for this year's edition of Irish Classical Theatre Company's annual fundraiser, The Wake. Specifically, I was designing a t-shirt to be sold at the event. I sat trying to think of something different to do, which is getting challenging after having helped promote the event for the last six years. I thought about finding a good quote to capture the spirit of The Wake, and vaguely remembered something I had seen on television when I was a kid.

Dave Allen was an Irish comedian who was wildly popular on British television in the '60s and '70s. For some reason, "Dave Allen At Large" was also shown in Buffalo, on channel 29. I remember loving the show, which was primarily sketch comedy. But the bits that really stuck with me were his lengthy introductions to the sketches, done sitting in a TV studio, smoking, and drinking from a glass that almost certainly did not contain ginger ale.

Thanks to the miracle of the internet, I found exactly the bit that was lodged deep in my subconscious:

So, using his amazing description of an Irish wake, I did this:

Right after I finished it, I happened to run into my mother online, and showed it to her. Her response was, "You never know how all that crap I let you watch is going to pay off." Which is true. 

If you'd like to buy one of these shirts, they're only going to be on sale at The Wake, on March 7. I know a guy who can get you tickets.