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Lange Photo
ARC Studios Westside
12–34 Belgrade Street
London, E2 9DA


I’m a freelance creative director living and working in Buffalo, NY. A while back, I had to come up with a creative philosophy as part of an agency pitch. I thought about it and ended up with a single word – 


I think that’s what good creative work does. And that moment of surprise can be the difference between just seeing something and really remembering it.

My work has been featured in Communication Arts, including their illustration and typography annuals. It's also been in Print, Graphis, and has earned local, regional, and national ADDYs. Finally, I have twice been named “World’s Greatest Dad” (2007, 2011) and have a pair of attractive handmade trophies to prove it.

I do lots of different things (writing, design, illustration) for lots of nice, discerning, good-looking clients. If you like the work you see here, get in touch. We should do something together.


P.S. You can check out my illustration portfolio here.